Adult Program - Classes, Tuition, and Text Books

Summer Short Program in July 2024
Registration: Open for Introduction to Kanji, and New Japanese for Travelers.
You must pay tuition to secure your space in a class.  We place first come, first served basis.   No textbooks for summer programs. 

New Japanese for Travelers 7/8 to 7/11 (M-TH, 4 days), 7 PM to 8:30 PM $65.00. 

Introduction to Kanji 7/15 to 7/25 (M-TH, 8 days) 7 PM to 8 PM $170.00. 

Fall Semester 2024  Registration

Please check textbooks below to find which class to take. 

Questions? Contact: Masako Thomas Sensei, Adult Program Dean: 

Class Size

Minimum 8 students to open a new class. First come (register and pay), first served. We will notify you if the class did not have enough enrollment two weeks before the first day of the class.  If a class cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, we would suggest you take a different class instead, or we will refund the tuition. There will be no refund for “no-show” or dropping a class.


Tuition does not include textbook. See textbooks listed below.  Payment must be made by Friday two weeks before the first day of class to get Zoom information.  (Aug. 2, 2024 for the fall semester.)

* Tuition is due in full at registration. Tuition does not include the cost of textbooks. There is no refund for No-Show.  There may be an additional charge for Kanji class. 

Tuition for one class is $260.00. Two classes are $520.00.  (The SBC church members’ tuition is $160.00 for one class and $320.00 for two classes.)

See the Registration page to register and make online payment.

* We will send you Zoom class information a week before the class starts.

Text Books

Textbook information

Check this website to find out your level up to Pre-advanced level.

Japanese for Busy People Series|AJALT